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Ben jij BIJ1 ?

Take action and participate
for radical equality.




On the 14th, 15th and 16th of March you can vote in the local election of Delft. You can choose who you want to voice your ideas and opinions in the municipal council. 

You can vote if you’re from a country within the EU and you’re living in the Netherlands, or if you’re an international who has lived here for 5 years or more.

Do you want your interests to be represented, and not just those of the well-to-do? Vote Delft BIJ1 in the municipal elections. A vote for Delft BIJ1 is a vote for equality and justice. A vote for Delft BIJ1 is a claim on your city. A vote for Delft BIJ1 is seeing yourself represented in the council. It is time to raise your voice and show your colour. 

Speak out

Show your color

Vote BIJ1!