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Ben jij BIJ1 ?

Take action and participate
for radical equality.


party program

Municipal elections 2022


  • We want comprehensive, independent research into racism and ethnic profiling in all levels of the municipality of Delft, including the local police department, and a review of municipality policies. 
  • Delft BIJ1 thinks that reports and notifications of race crime and ethnic profiling have to be addressed in a more appropriate and timely manner, and advocate for an increase in brand awareness of the name and work of the iDb foundation discrimination hotline. 
  • We want Delft to open a museum or permanent exposition about the city’s colonial history.


  • We support art projects in our communities. Grassroot creative projects and meeting centers should be stimulated especially in underinvested districts. For example graffiti artists collaborate with youth to find ways to increase the sense of ownership of the community. Together with the community, for the community. 
  • Delft BIJ1 wants to apply the Diversity and Inclusion Code and the Fair Practice Code to our cultural policies and stimulate it with local cultural institutions by making subsidy binding agreements.
  • Delft BIJ1 wants to depart from the glorification of our colonial history. The marketing campaign “Step into the Golden Ages” and all references to “golden” ages should stop as soon as possible.


  • We want to build more affordable social housing on the available lots. At least 50% of new housing development in Delft has to be affordable housing. Where there is currently limited availability of affordable housing, like in the old city center, that percentage should be significantly higher. 
  • We expect Delft to actively avert large (foreign) investors and big investment companies from Delft. 
  • Delft BIJ1 opposes racist and classist housing policies. Housing has to be renovated in a timely manner/within the regulated timeframe. If demolition is inevitable, new development needs to contain more social housing than it did before demolition.
  • We want to crack down on housing discrimination. The municipality has to prevent pitting (international) students, immigrants and refugees, and all renters, including those of affordable housing, against each other in an overheated housing market. We will do so by increasing the housing supply, democratizing housing corporations, and developing policies against housing discrimination.


  • Delft BIJ1 wants the municipality to develop and enforce a local inclusion agenda as soon as possible. We want (paid) experts by experience to be embedded in the policies. 
  • We want more free, accessible and gender-neutral public restrooms in the city. 
  • We want all Public Transit facilities to be accessible to people using mobility devices. 
  • Delft BIJ1 advocates for all texts from the city to be available in B1 language and in audio-visual formats. This includes all written correspondence from the municipality.


  • Delft BIJ1 wants the municipality to appoint one coordinator to develop and manage an integrative plan for universal healthcare and well-being. 
  • We want to immediately stop all budget cuts on wellness organizations and the social domain. 
  • We want Delft to explore the possibility to employ experts by experience by offering them a tailored education/certificate. 
  • We want to remove the hard cut-off in youth services: (health)care will not suddenly disappear when one turns 18.


  • According to Delft BIJ1, wherever the municipality has enough influence, the minimum wage should be raised to 14 euros per hour. 
  • We want Delft to advocate for the repeal of the participation law and cost-sharing standard. 
  • So long as the Participation Law is still in effect, Delft BIJ1 advocates for refraining from enforcing all dehumanizing practices and requirements like the job application obligation. 
  • We are of the opinion that all workplaces have to meet accessibility standards. Working from home should also become common practice.


  • Delft BIJ1 wants to encourage group and community-focused safety initiatives. 
  • To reduce petty crime and make our communities safer, we want the municipality to start community court pilot projects. The goal of these projects is to emphasize the person, livability of the community, and rectifying mistakes over punishment. 
  • We want the police department to enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding racist expressions and ethnic profiling within the department. 
  • Delft BIJ1 wants to prohibit ethnic profiling. This includes, among other things, introducing stop forms for all police checks and standard use of bodycams.
  • The municipality will actively advocate for writing and enforcing policies against street intimidation in our city. 
  • We want an independent supervisor to ensure that data collection and the use of algorithms are free from discrimination, ethnic profiling, and human rights violations. 


  • Delft BIJ1 wants to expand the debt relief programs and include extensive cultural sensitivity training, to make sure that all inhabitants of Delft with debts will receive adequate and humane support. All debt relief programs have to be well-known, accessible, and inclusive for everyone. 
  • We want Delft to advocate for an honest, just, sustainable, and circular economy to the largest possible extent. 
  • The tariffs on property taxes for owners of non-housing properties have to be increased.


  • Delft BIJ1 wants the municipality to declare the climate crisis. 
  • Our municipality is fossil-free and carbon-neutral by 2030. 
  • We want all city policies to be nature-inclusive and to be evaluated for sustainability, climate and environmental impact, and biodiversity, including retroactively on existing policies. 
  • Citizens have to be involved in the development of the climate policy, so the municipality understands the impact on the different socio-economical layers of the city population, and to prevent, among other things, energy poverty. 
  • We want all residential properties to be well insulated and receive a minimum of energy label B by 2030. 
  • Delft BIJ1 advocates for a city-wide food security policy, where the city guarantees that everyone in our city has a right and access to affordable and healthy food options.